Food and Drink

Wine Quiz Questions: Round 1

  1. Claret wine is produced in the region surrounding which French city?
  2. What would be the term to describe a dry champagne?
  3. In which country is the wine-growing Barossa Valley?
  4. Which white wine grape variety is most widely planted in California?
  5. In which country is the Marlborough wine region?
  6. Retsina is native to which country?
  7. Which wine has the varieties Malmsey and Sercial?
  8. What is the normal capacity for a bottle of wine?
  9. In which country is Rioja produced?
  10. Along which river is most of France’s Sauvignon Blanc cultivated?

Round 1 Answers

  1. Bordeaux
  2. Brut
  3. Australia
  4. Chardonnay
  5. New Zealand
  6. Greece
  7. Madeira
  8. 75 centilitres
  9. Spain
  10. Loire

Wine Questions: Round 2

  1. What colour are most English wines?
  2. Which scientist discovered that yeast causes fermentation?
  3. What is a crate of twelve bottles of wine called?
  4. Which country does Sukhindol wine come from?
  5. In which part of the United States is the Zinfandel grape chiefly cultivated?
  6. What is the first name of wine writer Ms Robinson?
  7. In which country is the wine-making area of Stellenbosch?
  8. How many normal-size wine bottles would you have in a Methuselah?
  9. How are fizzy wines, other than champagnes, described?
  10. In which area of Italy is Chianti Classico produced?

Round 2 Answers

  1. White
  2. Louis Pasteur
  3. Case
  4. Bulgaria
  5. California
  6. Jancis
  7. South Africa
  8. Eight
  9. Sparkling
  10. Tuscany

Wine Quiz: Round 3

  1. Would a French wine described as “doux” be medium sweet or medium dry?
  2. What are the three styles of port?
  3. What colour are most of the wines from France’s Anjou region?
  4. In which South American country is Casablanca Valley?
  5. Which red wine is drunk when young and is called “nouveau”?
  6. In which country was a vine variety called “vegetable dragon pearls”?
  7. Which wine can be “fino” or “oloroso”?
  8. What is Moet et Chandon?
  9. Which acclaimed biodynamic wine writer was the star of Channel 4’s 2008 wine programme “Chateau Monty”?
  10. Along which river and its tributaries do the German vineyards lie?

Round 3 Answers

  1. Medium sweet
  2. Ruby, tawny and vintage
  3. Rose
  4. Chile
  5. Beaujolais
  6. China
  7. Sherry
  8. Champagne
  9. Monty Waldin
  10. Rhine