Wales Quiz Questions

  1. Which Welsh Bay shares its name with a woollen jacket?
  2. Which is the only Welsh country to have a first-class cricket team?
  3. What is the currency of Wales?
  4. Wales has the highest density in the world of which animal?
  5. Which Welsh Secretary challenged John Major for the Tory Party leadership in the summer of 1995?
  6. Which county is further north?
  7. Which Strait separates Anglesey from the mainland?
  8. Which North Wales university town shares its name with a resort of Northern Ireland?
  9. The UK’s longest river rises in Wales. What is it called?
  10. Which town is further south?


  1. Cardigan
  2. Glamorgan
  3. Pound Sterling
  4. Sheep
  5. John Redwood
  6. Clwyd
  7. Menai Straight
  8. Bangor
  9. Severn
  10. Swansea