TV: Police Serials

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  1. In which city is “Taggart” set?
  2. What is “The Bill”‘s DI Burnside’s first name?
  3. Who was co-creator of “Hazell” with Gordon Williams?
  4. Which police series had the theme music “An Ordinary Copper”?
  5. Who created the character of Chief Inspector Wexford?
  6. Which detective called people “Pussycat”?
  7. Which actor links “The Chief” and “The Professionals”?
  8. What was Bergerac’s first name?
  9. Who played the part of Wallander in the UK series, that started in 2008?
  10. Who played the title role in “Remington Steele”?


  1. Glasgow
  2. Frank
  3. Terry Venables
  4. Dixon of Dock Green
  5. Ruth Rendell
  6. Kojak
  7. Martin Shaw
  8. Jim
  9. Kenneth Branagh
  10. Pierce Brosnan