Theatre and Musical

Theatre and Musical Quiz Questions

Round 1

  1. Which Anthony has starred in “My Fair Lady” and “The Woman in White” on the West End stage?
  2. Which musical star was Andrew Lloyd Webber’s second wife?
  3. Who played Che in the original stage production of “Evita”?
  4. Which was Elaine Paige’s first musical on Broadway?
  5. Which musical does the song “I am What I am” come from?
  6. In which musical is Maria von Trapp the heroine?
  7.  Which theatre award is named after actress Antoinette Perry?
  8. The characters of Billy Flynn, Mama Morton and Velma Kelly appear in which musical?
  9. Which musical is based on “The Taming of the Shrew”?
  10. Which musical follows Elle Woods, who gets dumped by her boyfriend and ends up following him to Harvard Law School?

 Round 1 Answers

  1. Anthony Andrews
  2. Sarah Brightman
  3. David Essex
  4. Sunset Boulevard
  5. La Cage aux Folles
  6. The Sound of Music
  7. Tony
  8. Chicago
  9. Kiss Me, Kate
  10. Legally Blonde

Round 2

  1. Who originally played the role of Alex in “Aspects of Love”?
  2. Who wrote the lyrics for “Tell Me on a Sunday” and “Sunset Boulevard”?
  3. Who co-produced the revival of “Anything Goes” with Elaine Paige?
  4. Which musical is the song “Ol’ Man River” from?
  5. Which song from “South Pacific” was recorded by Captain Sensible?
  6. In which country is “The King and I” set?
  7. Which musical are the songs “Tonight” and “Somewhere” from?
  8. What was the profession of the heroine in “Gypsy”?
  9. Who wrote “Into the Woods” and “A Little Night Music”?
  10. In which musical does “You’ll Never Walk Alone” appear?

Round 2 Answers

  1. Michael Ball
  2. Don Black
  3. Tim Rice
  4. Show Boat
  5. Happy Talk
  6. Siam ( now Thailand)
  7. West Side Story
  8. Stripper
  9. Stephen Sonheim
  10. Carousel

Round 3

  1. Who played the title role in “Barnum” and “Billy”?
  2. Which musical includes “Big Boys Don’t Cry” and “Walk Like a Man”?
  3. Who wrote the novel that inspired the musical “Phantom of the Opera”?
  4. Who sings “I Don’t Know How to Love Him” in “Jesus Christ Superstar”?
  5. Which musical is “I Know Him So Well” from?
  6. Elton John wrote the music for which adaptation of a 2000 hit movie in the 80s?
  7. Loosely based on Giacomo Puccini’s opera “La Boheme”, which musical tells the story of a group of impoverished young artists in New York?
  8.  In which musical do they sing about a “Jellicle Ball”?
  9. Which musical hailed the dawning of the age of Aquarius?
  10. Which musical is the song “One” from?

Round 3 Answers

  1. Michael Crawford
  2. Jersey Boys
  3. Gaston Leroux
  4. Mary Magdalen
  5. Chess
  6. Billy Elliot: The Musical
  7. Rent
  8. Cats
  9. Hair
  10. A Chorus Line