The Beatles

Music Quiz

  1. How many Beatles were still alive when the album “1” first became No. 1?
  2. What was John Lennon’s middle name?
  3. Which original Beatle did Ringo Starr replace?
  4. What was on the other side of the single “We Can Work It Out”?
  5. What did Brian Epstein manage before the Beatles?
  6. How was the double album “The Beatles” better known?
  7. On which show did they make their first national TV appearance?
  8. Which group did John Lennon form and name after his school in 1956?
  9. Whom did the Beatles support on their first nationwide tour?
  10. Which double-sided hit titles were Liverpool placenames?


  1. Three
  2. Winston
  3. Pete Best
  4. Day Tripper
  5. A record store
  6. The White Album
  7. Thank Your Lucky Stars
  8. The Quarrymen
  9. Helen Shapiro
  10. Penny Lane/Strawberry Fields Forever

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