Sports Bag

Sports Quiz Questions

  1. On which British golf course is the hole called the “postage stamp”?
  2. Which New Zealand cricket captain also captained Surrey?
  3. Who was the first world champion at bowls in 1966?
  4. Which is the home town of Joe Johnson, the snooker player?
  5. Which sport’s governing body carries the initials GRA?
  6. Which jokey rode Shergar when it won the 1981 Derby?
  7. When did Steve Ballesteros win the first of his Open championships?
  8. Who was the first woman to compete in the Boat Race?
  9. Who scored the only goal when Portugal beat France to win Euro 2016?
  10. How was the “mystery” item given to Sir Bradley Wiggins in 2011 packaged?


  1. Troon
  2. Geoff Howarth
  3. David Bryant
  4. Bradford
  5. Greyhound Racing Association
  6. Walter Swinburn
  7. 1979
  8. Susan Brown
  9. Eder
  10. In a jiffy bag