Rugby Quiz Questions


  1. Which Scot was Lions captain for the ’93 New Zealand tour?
  2. How old was Will Carling when he first captained England?
  3. Who was top try scorer on the Lions 2005 tour of NZ?
  4. How many countries had won the expanded Six Nations before Wales?
  5. On his return to Union which player said, It’s a challenge I don’t particularly need?
  6. Who did not place in 2005 after being named Great Britain league captain?
  7. Where was Jeremy Guscott born?
  8. Which stadium hosted the League’s 1995 World Cup Final?
  9. Over half of the 1997 Lions squad came from which country?
  10. Which team ended Wigan’s Challenge Cup record run in the 90s?



  1. Gavin Hastings
  2. 22 year old
  3. Shane Williams
  4. Two countries
  5. David Jones
  6. Paul Sculthorpe
  7. Bath
  8. Wembley
  9. England
  10. Salford Reds