Pop No. 1s

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  1. How many number ones did Madonna have in the 1990s?
  2. What was John Lennon’s second No. 1 hit, a month after his first?
  3. Drake had the UK’s biggest selling single of 2016 with which song?
  4. Who was the fourth artist to reach No. 1 with the song “Unchained Melody”?
  5. Which title was a No. 1 for Kylie Minogue and Johnny Nash?
  6. Elton John’s first hit was in 1971. When was his first solo No. 1?
  7. With which two groups did Gerry Marsden have the same No. 1?
  8. Which band had a No. 1 with “Whatever People Say I am”?
  9. Bruno Mars teamed up with who for “Uptown Funk”?
  10. What were Art Garfunkel’s first two hits at No. 1?


  1. Two
  2. Woman
  3. One Dance
  4. Gareth Gates
  5. Tears on My Pillow
  6. 1990
  7. The Peacemakers, the Crowd
  8. Arctic Monkeys
  9. Mark Ronson
  10. I Only Have Eyes for You, Bright Eyes