One-Hit Wonders

Pop Questions | Music Round


  1. Which school had a no. 1 with “There’s No One Quite Like Grandma”?
  2. Which American answer to Band Aid sang “We are the World”?
  3. Which musical did Lee Marvin’s sole hit “Wandrin’ Star” come from?
  4. According to 1950s star Kitty Kalen, what do “Little Things Mean”?
  5. Which pop duo recorded “In the Year 2525”?
  6.   Who recorded “Let it Be” in 1987 for a disaster fund?
  7. Where had Charlene never been to in 1982?
  8. Who said “Move Closer” in 1985?
  9. What is Marie Osmond’s only solo hit?


  1. St Winifred’s
  2. USA for Africa
  3. Paint Your Wagon
  4. A lot
  5. Zager and Evans
  6. Clive Dunn
  7. Ferry Aid
  8. Me
  9. Phyllis Nelson
  10. Paper Roses