Ireland Quiz Questions

Round 1

  1. How many wheels does a jaunting car have?
  2. On what would you see Ogham writing?
  3.  Which of two kinds of wood can a shillelagh be made from?
  4. In which city is the Maze Prison?
  5. Which is Ireland’s chief river?
  6. Which lake is the British Isles’ largest?
  7. What is the mine at Navan famous for?
  8. What are the columns of the Giant’s Causeway made from?
  9. What is the county town of Fermanagh?
  10. Which mountains stretch from Carlingford Lough to Dundrum Bay?

Round 1 Answers

  1. Two
  2. Stone
  3. Oak or blackthorn
  4. Belfast
  5. Shannon
  6. Lough Neagh
  7. Lead-zinc
  8. Lava
  9. Enniskillen
  10. Mountains of Mourne

Round 2

  1.  Which county’s Irish name is Corcaigh?
  2. What is Dublin’s most famous theatre called?
  3. What are the highest uplands in Ireland?
  4. What is the name of the fertile vale in Limerick?
  5. Which two of the counties of Northern Ireland begin with A?
  6. What is Belfast’s university called?
  7. What are Slieve Donard and Slieve Commedagh?
  8. Whose Saint’s day is celebrated on 2nd February?
  9. If you bought the RTE Guide what information would you receive?
  10. In the early years of this millennium what was banned from pubs in Ireland?

Round 2 Answers

  1. Cork
  2. Abbey Theatre
  3. Macgillicuddy’s Reeks
  4. Golden Vale
  5. Antrim, Armagh
  6. Queen’s
  7. Mountain peaks
  8. St, Brigit
  9. TV listings
  10. Smoking

Round 3

  1.  Which is further north, Waterford or Cork?
  2. What are the quartzite mountains in Connemara called?
  3. What are drumlins?
  4. What did Laoighis used to be called?
  5. Which province of southeast Ireland includes the counties of Wexford and Wicklow?
  6. What is St Ann’s Shaldon Church famous for?
  7. Which three counties of the Republic of Ireland begin with K?
  8. Which county does Westlife come from?
  9. Which university is at Coleraine?
  10. Which three places in Northern Ireland may officially use the title “city”?

Round 3 Answers

  1. Waterford
  2. The Twelve Bens
  3. Hills
  4. Queens’s County
  5. Leinster
  6. Bells
  7. Kerry, Kildare, Kilkenny
  8. Sligo
  9. University of Ulster
  10. Armagh, Belfast, Derry/Londonderry