Horse Racing

Sports Quiz Questions

Horse Racing Quiz Round 1

  1. Which is the oldest British flat classic race?
  2.  Which jockey won the Derby, Oaks and St Leger in 2001?
  3. Which jockey riding Shergar in 1981 won in his first Derby ride?
  4. Which jockey won the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe from 1985 to 1987 on three different horses?
  5.  Where did Britain’s first evening meeting take place?
  6. Who rode Henbit, Nashwan and Erhaab to Derby victories?
  7. Which horse, in 1977, became the first to win the Mackeson and
    Hennessy in the same season?
  8. What is the surname of the 2012 father and son, trainer and jockey winners of the 2012 Derby?
  9. Who was the first woman to ride a winner over fences in Britain?
  10. In 1925 at Windsor, bookmakers went on strike. Against what?

Round 1 Answers

  1. St Leger
  2. Michael Kinane
  3. Walter Swinburn
  4. Pat Eddery
  5. Hamilton
  6. Willie Carson
  7. Bachelor’s Hall
  8. O’Brien
  9. Jane Thorne
  10. Betting Tax

Horse Racing Questions Round 2

  1. Where was the Derby held during the two World Wars?
  2.  On which course in Australia is the Melbourne Cup run?
  3. Which jockey had most Classic wins before Lester Piggott?
  4. Which was the first racecourse equipped with a photo-finish camera?
  5. On which horse did Princess Anne win her first flat race?
  6. Diomed was the first winner of which great race?
  7. Which race came first, the 1000 Guineas or 2000 Guineas?
  8.  What is Dick Hern’s real first name?
  9. Who was Champion National Hunt jockey for four years before the new millennium and four after it?
  10.  Where is the Happy Valley racecourse?

Round 2 Answers

  1. Newmarket
  2. Flemington Park
  3. Frank Buckle
  4. Epsom
  5. Gulfland
  6. Derby
  7. 2000
  8. William
  9. Tony McCoy
  10. Hong Kong

Horse Racing Quiz Questions Round 3

  1. What is the first name of Peter Scudamore’s father?
  2. In betting, how much is a monkey?
  3.  In which Surrey town is Sandown racecourse?
  4. Lester Piggott shares his birthday with which annual event?
  5. In which country did Steve Donoghue ride his first winner?
  6. What is the real first name of Richard Dunwoody?
  7. Son of a famous father, who had his first winner at Kempton in 1978?
  8. 2011 and 2013 Grand National runner “What A Friend”, was part-owned by which former football manager?
  9. How many individual bets make up a Yankee?
  10. How many Grand Nationals did Desert Orchid win?

Round 3 Answers

  1. Michael
  2. £500
  3. Esher
  4. Guy Fawkes Night
  5. France
  6. Thomas
  7. Walter Swinburn Jnr.
  8. Alex Ferguson
  9.  11 bets
  10. One