Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal Quiz Questions


  1. Which Australian band recruited an English singer in 1980?
  2. Who recorded ” Bark at the Moon”?
  3. What instrument did Ian Paice play?
  4. Which folk singer sang on Led Zep’s “The Battle of Evermore”?
  5. “Smoke on the Water” came from which Album?
  6. Terry Butler changed his group’s name to Black Sabbath after reading a novel by which author?
  7. What instrument does Iron Maiden founder Steve Harris play?
  8. “Naked Thunder” was the first solo album by which singer?
  9. Who wrote” Stairway to Heaven”?
  10. What did Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen lose in a car accident?



  1. AC/DC
  2. Ozzy Ozbourne
  3. Drums
  4. Sandy Denny
  5. Machine Head
  6. Dennis Wheatley
  7. Bass Guitar
  8. Ian Gillan
  9. Jimmy Page
  10. Arm