Folk and Country Music

Music Quiz

Round 1 Questions

  1. Who was known as “Gentleman Jim”?
  2. Which country anthem starts “Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman”?
  3. Which John Denver song did Peter, Paul and Mary take into the charts?
  4. Which Dolly Parton song was a chart hit for Whitney Houston?
  5. Which punk-turned-folk singer is the self-appointed “Big-nosed Bard of Barking”?
  6. Which country star had a hit with “Kiss an Angel Good Morning”?
  7. Which singer/songwriter penned “The Last Thing on My Mind”?
  8. Which country star has had five husbands, including George Jones, and been kidnapped?
  9. Which group was fronted by singer/songwriter Dave Cousins?
  10. Which folk singer was called “Judas” for going electric?

Round 1 Answers

  1. Jim Reeves
  2. Stand by Your Man
  3. Leaving on a Jet Plane
  4. I Will Always Love You
  5. Billy Bragg
  6. Charlie Pride
  7. Tom Paxton
  8. Tammy Wynette
  9. The Strawbs
  10. Bob Dylan


Round 2 Questions

  1. Which city in eastern England has been the venue for a long-standing folk festival?
  2. Who wrote “Your Cheatin’ Heart”?
  3. Which Rochdale Cowboy was a 19705 folk club favourite?
  4. Which TV series featured fictional country music star, Rayna James?
  5. Who is the long-time lead singer with Steeleye Span?
  6. Who declared “Thank God I’m a Country Boy”
  7. In what language was Fairport Convention’s only English hit sung?
  8. Whose 2010 album “Hedonism” (2010), is the UK’s highest-selling independently released folk album?
  9. Who wrote the US dust-bowl songs and “This Land is Your Land”?
  10. How did Patsy Cline die?

Round 2 Answers

  1. Cambridge
  2. Hank Williams
  3. Mike Harding
  4. Nashville
  5. Mandy Prior
  6. John Denver
  7. French
  8. Bellowhead
  9. Woody Guthrie
  10. In an air crash.