Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin Quiz Questions and Answers

Round 1 Questions

  1.  Which part of London did Chaplin spend his early life?
  2. What was his elder brother and fellow performer called?
  3. What did the troupe, the Eight Lancashire Lads, do?
  4. With which company did Chaplin travel to the United States in 1910?
  5. For which company did Chaplin make his first films?
  6. Who played the title role in “The Kid” in 1921
  7. Which film appeared in 1925 and had sound added in 1942?
  8. Which wife of Chaplin co-starred in “Modern Times”?
  9. How many times did Chaplin marry altogether?
  10. Which was Chaplin’s first sound film?

Round 1 Answers

  1. Lambeth
  2. Sydney
  3. Clog dancing
  4. Fred Carno
  5. Keystone
  6. Jackie Coogan
  7. The Gold Rush
  8. Paulette Goddard
  9. Four
  10. The Great Dictator


Round 2 Questions

  1. Whom did he choose to play the young ballerina in “Limelight”?
  2. Which type of sound was heard in “City Lights” in 1931?
  3. From which film, for which Chaplin wrote the music, did Petula Clark have a No 1 with “This Is My Song”?
  4. Which former silent movie star joined Chaplin in “Limelight”?
  5. What is odd about Chaplin’s comments on his ex-wife, Lita Grey, in his autobiography?
  6.  Who was Chaplin’s last father-in-law?
  7. What was his last wife called?
  8. Which film distributing company did Chaplin found with D.W. Griffith, Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford?
  9. Who bought the company out in 1940?
  10. Which of Chaplin’s sons starred with him in “A King in New York”?

Round 2 Answers

  1. Claire Bloom
  2. Music
  3. A countess from Hong Kong
  4. Brusher Keaton
  5. He never mentioned her
  6. Eugene O’Neil
  7. Oona
  8. United Artists
  9. Sam Goldwyn
  10. Michael


Round 3 Questions

  1. Which was the last film Chaplin made in the United States?
  2. In which split-reel film did the Tramp first appear?
  3. Which daughter of Chaplin starred Doctor Zhivago?
  4. How did Emil Jannings score over Chaplin in 1929?
  5. Where did Chaplin live after being banned from the US in 1953?
  6. Which award did Chaplin receive in 1975?
  7. What did Chaplin win his Oscar for in “Limelight”?
  8. On which day of the year did Chaplin die?
  9. What happened on March 2nd the following year?
  10. Who played the roles of Chaplin’s parents in a 1989 TV series ” The Young Chaplin”?

Round 3 Answers

  1. Limelight
  2. Kid Auto Races at Venice
  3. Geraldine
  4. Beat him to the first-ever Oscar.
  5. Switzerland
  6. Knighthood
  7. Music score
  8. Christmas Day
  9. Coffin stollen
  10. Ian McShane and Twiggy