Capitals Quiz Questions

Round 1 

  1. What was the capital of Russia before Moscow?
  2. What is the capital of Andorra?
  3. What lies to the north of Algiers?
  4. Which country has the last capital alphabetically?
  5. What was Harare’s former name?
  6. Which Asian capital is at the head of the Mekong Delta?
  7. Which capital is known as Leukosia or Lefkosa by its inhabitants?
  8. Tashkent is the capital of which former Soviet republic?
  9. Which capital is on the slopes of the volcano Pichincha?
  10. Which is further north, Pakistan’s new capital, Islamabad, or the former one, Karachi?

Round 1 Answers

  1. St. Petersburg
  2. Andorra de la Vella
  3. Mediterranean
  4. Croatia (Zagreb)
  5. Salisbury
  6. Phnom Penh
  7. Nicosia (Cyprus)
  8. Uzbekistan
  9. Quito (Ecuador)
  10. Islamabad

Round 2 

  1. St John’s is the capital of Antigua and Barbuda but on which island does it stand?
  2. Which capital’s former name was Christiania?
  3. In Berlin which avenue runs east from the Brandenburg Gate?
  4. Which capital is the largest city in Africa?
  5. Where was Botswana’s seat of government prior to 1965, after which it moved to Gaborone?
  6. What was the capital of Italian East Africa between 1936 and 1941?
  7. Which capital lies on the river Helmand?
  8. In Pan’s what links the Arc de Triomphe and the Place de la Concorde?
  9. Which new capital’s main architect was Oscar Niemeyer?
  10. Which capital’s main industrial area is Piraeus?
  11. In which capital is the Teatro Colon opera house?

Round 2 Answers

  1. Antigua
  2. Oslo
  3. Unter den Liden
  4. Cairo
  5. Mafeking
  6. Addis Ababa
  7. Kabul
  8. Champs Elysees
  9. Brasilia
  10. Athens

Round 3 

  1. In which capital is the Teatro Colon opera house?
  2. What is the full name of the capital of Colombia?
  3. Which capital’s heating comes from natural hot springs?
  4. What did New Delhi replace as the capital of British India in 1912?
  5. On which sea is the Azerbaijani capital Baku?
  6. Which capital is known as the Eternal City?
  7. What is the capital of Bahrain?
  8. Which capital began as the village of Edo?
  9. Which capital in the West Indies is to be found on New Provence Island?
  10. Which capital houses the Great Mosque and the Gate of God?

Round 3 Answers

  1. Buenos Aires
  2. Santa Fe de Bogota
  3. Reykjavik (Iceland)
  4. Calcutta
  5. Caspian
  6. Rome
  7. Manama
  8. Tokyo
  9. Nassau
  10. Damascus (Syria)