British Entertainers


  1. What type of pet did Manuel adopt in “Fawlty Towers”?
  2. Which future James Bond starred in “Our Friends in the North”?
  3. What was Terry’s sister called in “The Likely Lads”?
  4. Which series featured Benny, Judy, Trisha, and Tucker when it began?
  5. Who was the third of “Take Three Girls” with Kate and Avril?
  6. In what type of place was ” Waiting for God” set?
  7. Who was Jim London in ” Up the Elephant and Round the Castle”?
  8. What relation was Hattie Jacques to Eric in their “Syles and…” series?
  9. What did Harold Steptoe always call his father?
  10. Which chat show was presented by the “togmeister”?



  1. Rat
  2. Daniel Craig
  3. Audrey
  4. Grange Hill
  5. Victoria
  6. Old people’s home
  7. Jim Davidson
  8. Sister
  9. You dirty old man
  10. Terry Wogan